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Oro del Desierto harvest 2016-2017

[:es]Olivas de Oro del Desierto[:en]Fresh olives of Oro del Desierto[:de]Frische Oliven von Oro del Desierto[:]

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Harvest starts in Oro del Desierto. After a long work during one year with the olive trees, the time is coming for the harvest.

Olivenöl von Oro del Desierto
First drops of new harvest 2016

The harvest of the still green and beautiful olives starts this days and they are delivered directly to the farm own olive mill of Oro del Desierto. This is the most exciting moment every year for every olive grower, so also for Alonso family, which is anxious to taste the first drops of Olivenöl from the new harvest.

The olive mill Oro del Desierto is located in the desert of Tabernas (Almería), where on the one side the olive grow and on the other side the family’s own mill is. All olive trees are biologically cultivated, and the energy of the farm is also operated neutrally, since the family is an ecological cycle for nature and environment is very important.
The Olivenöls are obtained by an extraction process, which is a purely mechanical pressing with temperature control (cold pressing process), trough aromas and nutritional compounds are retained in the oil.

The cold pressing process of Olivenöl is very important in order to maintain its great antioxidants which can otherwise decay. Furthermore, aromas are lost at higher temperatures.

Tempersturmessung bei Oro del Desierto
Control of the temperature

A real premium Olivenöl must be cold pressed, which is the case of Oro del Desierto, and is reflected every year in the quality of their oils. It is a hard work producing a good Olivenöl from the care of the olive trees to the correct and fast processing during and after the harvest. However, the work pays off and is reflected in the irresistible Oro del Desierto Olivenöls.

Oliven der neuen Ernte 2016
Oloves of new harves 2016

From the harvest to the filling, a few weeks pass, the Olivenöl must be tested sensorially and chemically before filling, in order to confirm and control the quality of the oil.

We are looking forward to the new Olivenöls of the new harvest, which can be ordered at at the end of November.

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